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“Rino has been an excellent and reliable resource for annuity and other insurance products.”

Gail Bebee
Toronto, ON
Canada’s Independent Voice on Personal Finance
Author of “No Hype the Straight Goods on Investing Your Money”

“Rino and I go back a long time. Years ago he helped my husband with some good financial advice, and when now in retirement I also needed help related to annuities of course I called Rino. He was most helpful and I now have an annuity which will serve me well into the future. Rino has considerable experience in his field which means that what he recommends will always fit the requirements of any client, and he is always willing to meet any time or place. It is good for me to know that Rino is there to ask advice in any future financial situation.”

Helen Landrigan
Scarborough, ON

“Rino always met with me at my home at a convenient time. He took time to understand my needs and concerns, and future financial planning and offered me sensible options. Rino reviewed my existing investments and advised on how best to optimize on them. I never felt rushed into any decision and Rino respected my lack of knowledge and spent time explaining every detail so that I always felt comfortably in control regarding my financial future.”

Pamela Nash
Toronto, ON

“I found Rino`s services prompt and professional. He answered my questions about an annuity for my son in a clear and concise way, followed by actual numbers and an explanation of choices which enabled me to make the most suitable decision.”

Dieter Claus
Port Coquitlam, B.C

“I became acquainted with Rino through his excellent annuity articles in Canadian Money Saver Magazine. I decided to purchase a prescribed annuity with a portion of my retirement savings in order to provide me and my wife with a guaranteed income for life. I contacted Rino and he listened to our needs and offered his expert advice. He then shopped the market for the best annuity rate with a top insurance company. The whole process was completed over the phone and by mail. Rino also followed up with us to ensure we were satisfied. “
“I would recommend Rino to anyone considering an annuity purchase.”

Michael Pohanka
Kelowna B.C

“Rino helped us in getting the best rate for our annuity. He is very personable and acts professionally. We highly recommend him!”

Thalia & Wayne C.
Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Rino I read your article in Canadian Money Saver Magazine on the topic of Insured Annuities. It attracted my attention enough to do some further research. If one is trying to find a better alternative to GIC’s for a portion of their investments, then Insured Annuities provide a very good option. I also approached 3 other agents and you provided the lowest quote on the life insurance portion of the package.”

Cambridge, Ontario

“I was very satisfied with Rino’s services and would give him top rating. I found him through information he provided on a number of occassions to the Globe & Mail ROB and his on-line videos and articles about annuities for Money Saver magazine. I found him to be honest, straight forward, helpful and not too pushy. Rino took the time to understand my point of view and requirements and ensure that I understood the benefits and drawbacks of annuitizing some of my registered retirement funds. He made suggestions as to how to structure the annuity and which provider made sense for me as my funds came from two registered sources. Because of his suggestions, his quotes were better than two bank sources which I also consulted who clearly had little interest in annuities. He was always prompt in answering my questions and explaining the process.”

Dawn P.
Toronto, ON